The History of Dry Cleaning

Garment dry cleaning is an established industry with proven technology and an ecologically friendly bias. The process has been used historically to treat delicate materials and stains that resist traditional home cleaning methods. At The Dry Clean Factory we aren’t striving to reinvent the wheel, we’re just using the tools that others have perfected to service our community and uphold our reputation as the best discount cleaners in town.

The first dry cleaning methods were popularized in 1855 and used highly volatile petroleum products such as kerosene to clean garments. We’ve come a long way since then! Modern methods still use highly volatile chemicals for their rapid evaporation and excellent solvent stability. These chemicals penetrate fabric and loosen foreign particles which are then more easily extracted. Remaining solvent is too volatile to bond to the fabric and quickly evaporates, repairing discoloration and refreshing the garment.

Modern reclamation techniques have reduced the impact of dry cleaning on the environment to a very small footprint. Treatment facilities use a closed-loop system that recirculates and purifies the chemical solvent so that it may be recaptured and reused. Even the dirt and particulate matter extracted from garments is processed to reclaim traces of the treatment chemical before being discarded. The special chemical formulations makes distillation and condensation procedures incredibly efficient reclamation techniques.

When the process is finished, we add our personal touch to caring for your garment. Every article is individually handled and inspected before and after treatment in order to prevent or repair damage. Pockets are emptied and delicate fabrics are protected before the garment is cleaned. Afterwards, we carefully press and hang your clothing to restore a fresh appearance and provide for proper aeration.

Your clothes are a part of your identity. You deserve a dry cleaners that will treat your garments with the same care you give them. As a part of the community, we can do more than just provide excellent service at affordable prices. At The Dry Clean Factory, we go the extra mile to be your first and best choice for garment care in the Greater Richmond Virginia area.

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